We’ve all seen the headlines about the fact that in today’s digital age, marketing changes and evolves every single day. It is a truth that brands who don’t adopt risk losing out. There are, however, ways and means to adopt in the right way, and there’s no point diving in head-first when you don’t know what you want to get out of it.

In this article, we’ll look at marketing trends that have turned from nice to have’s into things you can’t really afford to ignore and spend some time researching.

A strategy behind your content

We’ve all been there. We’ve been churning out the content and the blog posts that all say the same thing use say the same words. While that’s worked for the reasons we’ve wanted it to work for, it’s ignoring the main reason behind why we create content – we’re sharing our intellectual capital.

Marketing in 2017 needs to tap into your internal brand. As a business, the people who work for you are your biggest asset, and they are the people that need to be creating the content and sharing what they have to say. Use them, share things with them and be creative with the people who work with you and for you. It goes a long way to appearing genuine and authentic, and it enables an authority to preside over what you say and how you say it.

Taking the new kids on the block seriously

As a business owner, you might be surprised that people your kids age are creating successful, multi-million pound businesses, but the reality is that the age of decision makers and those with influence is changing. They’ve grown up with different technology than the people who set your business up, so the reality is they’re expecting to see different things. They’re expecting digital-native capability and it’s up to you to deliver. Those who are already in this position need to be taken seriously as business competitors.

Cultivating your media relationships

Again, this is something that can’t be done overnight, but it’s not something your business can afford to ignore anymore. This goes beyond paid media, and giving someone a few quid to write a blog post for them that has a link or two in. It’s about getting involved in their world, understanding them and treating them as real human beings, whose interest in your company does actually make a difference to your marketing proposal. Normal respect, politeness, integrity and generousness goes a long way. I still find it alarming how many agencies and businesses don’t recognise this as an integral part of the work they do with influencers and brands.

A end to jack of all trades marketing

Sowena Media specialise in brand communication and copywriting, and it is likely that this specialism will only get deeper as time goes by. Effective marketing by trying to cover all bases at once is going to become less than effective, as skill sets deepen and different platforms become more complicated, more specialist and more targeted towards certain industries or sectors.

A considered aesthetic behind images and videos

Visual platforms in 2017 so far have reigned supreme, and this looks set to continue and develop even further, as people begin to use these domains online to share their stories. Businesses need to take notice of this, and ensure they have a concurrent theme across their visual marketing strategy. A video can often tell a story in a far more emotive way than words can, and companies of all sizes are realising its potential to get the message across quickly and efficiently.

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